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Do you have got a project you need input on? A post you need filling whilst you recruit or an event you need delivering? In need of a reliable freelance professional to manage your project remotely? Look no further!

I'm a highly experienced event management professional with a proven track record of delivering successful events across various industries. I specialise in working remotely, providing you with flexibility and cost-savings, while ensuring seamless project execution I work fully remotely and travel, saving you office space and recruitment time. I'm available to manage event projects for extended periods offering continuity and dedication, happy to adapt my schedule to travel and work from various locations for periods of time.

Tell us the support you’re looking for and I'll create a personalised support package for you.


Planning Your Dream Event | Freelance Event Services in Norfolk by Nor.


Bringing a decade of experience from the events industry, with a love of meticulous planning. I've honed my skills at renowned venues like The Southbank Centre and Kew Gardens, crafting unforgettable experiences. Now, I offer my freelance remote event management services to support businesses like yours.

Organising your next event | Freelance event planning by Nor.
Nor. Freelance Planning Services with decade of experience
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