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5 questions to ask your wedding venue…

..before you sign your contract.

Once you have a rough idea of where you want to get married, how big you want your wedding to be and when you want to tie the knot it is time to start the venue search. Finding the right venue can make the planning process a lot easier and help you visualise your day, so it is the first supplier on the list! Walking into a venue you love is a lot like falling in love and can mean you forget the practical questions to ask your venue because you’re too busy visualising your epic day there, so here is a few to bare in mind on your showarounds -

1, How long will we have to set up?

It is worth finding out how much time you will have to set up for your wedding. Whether you get lucky and have access the day before or whether you can’t get in the space until the morning of, it is important to know what you’re working with and make a plan. Your suppliers are there to help you but they also need to know what they are working with so be sure to keep them in the loop too!

2, Is there a sound limit and when does live music stop?

Many venues are in residential areas or have onsite accommodation and therefore are mindful of the noise a wedding makes, especially if they do lots of them - they do not want angry neighbours! Your band/DJ will also likely ask you what the sound limit is, so asking this question is an important way of managing your expectations when it comes to partying the night away.

3, What are the accommodation options and taxi services like around here?

I can tell you for a fact, taxi services are limited here in North Norfolk so it is super important guests make a plan to get home if they aren’t staying at the venue, or they might be on your floor - nothing says ‘first night as a married couple’ than a drunk guy on your suite sofa! Guests need to make a ‘getting home’ plan before your wedding day.

In terms of accommodation, this question helps determine where your guests are going sto stay and the closer the better, ideally you’d love all your guests to stay at the venue with you if that is possible, so perhaps there is a deal to be done with the venue on room rates.

4, What is the wet weather plan?

Before you fall in love with the outdoor ceremony of your dreams, find out what happens if it rains. We are in the UK after all and it is worth knowing all the different forms your day might take. Most venues have great wet weather plans that you can fall in love with too!

5, What is included in the package?

You do not want to find out 3 months before your wedding you have to pay for every individual fork and spoon. If you like the venue try and get into the details of the package before you sign up for it. My top tip is to ask ‘What extras do couples mostly spend their money on with you?’ and ideally you will hear ‘Nothing, it is all included!’ but if there are extras you want to know them now whilst you are budgeting.

Happy dream wedding venue hunting!


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