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A sprinkle of (corporate) fun

I firmly believe that to get the best out of your people, a sprinkle of fun goes a long way - people want to work with people and a corporate retreat is the perfect way to show the human side of working together, it is amazing just how productive a few days from the office can be, so if you are pondering whether it is worth it, I can guarantee you it is just let me prove it.

There are huge perks of leaving the office every once in a while, I promise -

  • A fresh space can give a fresh perspective

  • Taking off the suits and leaving a corporate environment can spark creativity and break down barriers

  • Building relations outside the boardroom can leave to honest and open conversations you didn’t know needed to happen until they happen

  • Having fun is always energising!

Norfolk is only a few hours from places like London, Cambridge, Peterborough and it is a great place to bring the team together for a bit of work and a little bit of play. The city instantly feels a world away.

The great thing about the coast is the focus on being outdoors and back with nature, whether it is paddleboarding through the creakes or yoga on the beach, there is something incredibly refreshing about the salty wind in your hair that is great for the soul (and the brain!)l.

I have only been here a few years so I am fortunate to be looking at this county with fresh eyes after years in London - the view is great from here.

Get it touch to see for yourself what can be on your next corporate trips agenda.


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