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Spotlight: Burn Valley Vineyard

The English wine scene is going through a huge period of growth (excuse the pun!) and Norfolk is absolutely getting in with the party, we have a couple of great vineyards producing award winning wines right here on our doorstep.With harvest around the corner I wanted to draw your attention to one of my favourite places to take guests when they come to visit -

Burn Valley Vineyard situated just above Burnham Market is a family run winery founded in 2015. My love for Burn Valley isn’t just the wine, although that is great, it is their ethos and way of life. Their number one focus is making great wine to drink whilst making great memories with your family & friends, there is no doubt you can taste Laura & Samantha’s (the unstoppable sisters behind the brand) passion in every mouthful.

They have nine different grape varieties currently growing at Burn Valley Vineyard.

Early Pinot, Rondo, Regent and Pinot Noir make up the red grapes and Bacchus, Chardonnay, Solaris, Seyval Blanc and Schonburger representing the whites. From this selection they produce a red, white, rose and a sparkling wine for your enjoyment.

This Norfolk winery does not rest on just producing wine; they have lots of great events happening in their tasting tent up at the vineyard. I would highly recommend their tasting afternoons, paired with one of the best Seafood/charcuterie/cheese platters I've ever had you get to try 6 of their wines whilst learning all about their production. Can you think of a more perfect afternoon?

They also have some great not so secret secret supper events courtesy of Burn Valley Catering, their catering arm run by Laura and her partner Steve as well as live music events.

So next time you see their beautiful labels in our local shops, why not book a tasting and find out which of their wines is your favourite?


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