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Spotlight: Holt Festival

Holt Festival is a staple in Norfolks' cultural calendar, bringing together musicians, poets, actors, dancers, artists and comedians in beautiful venues around the market town. The festival aims to embody all the joys of celebration, there will be belly laughs, awe inspiring performances and deeply moving moments.

Starting small today and building momentum throughout next week until the 29th July, you can expect a plethora of performances from internationally renowned acts such as James McDermott, Toyah and The Red Card Comedy Club as well as emerging talent weaved through the impressive programme.

As well as nightly performances, there are short, lunchtime performances happening at St Andrews Church and daily children's storytelling at The Holt bookshop.

There are still tickets available and I would encourage you to make a night of it; eat in a local restaurant, wander down the busy streets of Holt and just absorb the feel good vibes that are sure to be in abundance this week.

How lucky are we to have such a rich and nourishing cultural experience on our doorstep easily rivalling the big city offerings.


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