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Sunday Stroll: Holkham to Burnham Overy Staithe

Every Sunday stroll should end with a visit to the pub right? This walk is a one way walk ending at The Hero, unless of course you turn around and walk back but why not get familiar with the coast hopper too.

Joining the Coast path at Lady Anne’s drive in Holkham, there are a couple of options, walking along the beach as far as the eye can see or sticking to the path through the pinewoods, either way you get a moment with the beach, the woods, the sand, the trees.

There is something very peaceful about this walk, you can definitely go a few miles without seeing anyone and just enjoy the scenes.

Burnham Overy Staithe is a quiet harbour town, popular with sailors and paddle boarders alike who weave in and out of the creakes. This walk gives you a different perspective of the town as you arrive ‘from the sea’ along the coast path running through the salt marshes.

If you don’t fancy a roast, The Norfolk Coffee Pedlar is ready to greet you with possibly the coolest things in Norfolk, a coffee machine on a bicycle creating delicious coffee in locally made pottery that is available to buy.

Of course if you fancy a roast The Hero is a stone's throw away from the quay, offering delicious roasts on a sunday and all around great food, it has a super chill vibe, a great pint and a very sunny area out the front. Dog friendly too!

Now, you can take the walk back but the coast hopper goes from right outside the pub to the end of Lady Anne’s drive so it is a great option.

Distance: Approx 3 miles


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