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Sunday Strolls: Salthouse

Salthouse, nestled between Cley and Weybourne on the North Norfolk Coast road, is a peaceful, picturesque village that is totally unassuming and perfect for a Sunday Stroll.

Salthouse Marsh

Starting at Salthouse Stores, a beautiful independent village store packed full of interesting produce and serving great coffee, grab your fuel! From the stores multiple paths take you through the salt marshes, with an abundance of birds, little creeks and sometimes even the famous Saltmarsh cows to keep you entertained. The short but serene walk leads to the sound of waves crashing against the rocky beach and stunning views out to sea; the feel good hormones instantly going into overdrive.

Take a left and you can wonder towards Cley, I say wonder because the stones are quite hard work! Take a right and you’ll head towards Weybourne where you can walk along the cliffs, or keep walking straight and have a paddle! My personal preference is to sit with my coffee and watch the world go by before heading towards Cley.

Once you have had your sea serotonin fix there are two great food options in Salthouse. Cookies Crab shop offers casual dining and unsurprisingly delicious seafood. Or The Dun Cow, famous for its beer garden offers a fantastic Sunday specials menu in a relaxed environment.

Happy Strolling.


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