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Why Norfolk?

Holkham beach at Sunset

In our humble opinion Norfolk is extremely underrated. When I was a child my grandparents used to live here, yet the only memories I have are of slot machines and old man pubs. How much we missed out! The North Norfolk coast is full of hidden gems that are just perfect for corporate groups. In only a couple of hours you can be a world away from London, Cambridge or your everyday life.

If you’ve got time to look, Norfolk has to all; award winning food, breathtaking views and endless life affirming activities. Luckily, if you haven’t got time to look and don’t know where to start I am here to help! I spend my days researching the best things this county has to offer and creating tailored experiences for you and your team to get the best out of your time here, whatever your objectives are.

Whether you are looking for a great space for a directors meeting or 2 days of adventure for the whole team I can guarantee that by working together we can exceed everyone's expectations. With knowledge and experience in everything from transport to catering, from activity to venue sourcing planning a corporate retreat here in Norfolk couldn’t be easier.

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